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Welcome to my blog! I post creative ideas and resources to inspire students and parents to be the best they can be and get the most out of their musical learning experience. I aim to nurture a lifelong passion for piano playing!

My Resources & Posts

7 Steps to play pop music by ear

The benefits of playing by ear is that it is inherently a musical experience. Making the connection between the theoretical aspects with the music you love. This approach can take time, but it is thoroughly rewarding and often left out of traditional piano lessons.

Creative Learning Sessions

I offer students the opportunity to challenge themselves by engaging in creative learning sessions that run immediately after (or before) their set lesson time and complete on their own.

Naomi Pimm

Naomi Pimm

Piano Teacher Extraordinaire

Driven by the love of music and my own personal growth as a musician and teacher, I've learnt how to teach music that student's will love. I teach all ages including preschoolers from 3 years old, teen pop music, adult piano and consistently see student's thrive in exams if that is their focus. My goal is to inspire students to be the best they can be and enjoy playing piano. It's time to make this happen!

"When was the last time your child created their own song?" 

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